Sissy: Riot was a dancer
Sissy: Riot was a dancer
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Sissy: Riot was a dancer


Nightclubbing and rioting merged when Factory club was
forced to close.

The Sissy Project is a survey of the work of artist Andreas Angelidakis, dressed up as short stories
on Athenian ephemera like a legendary gay club (Graffiti club on Xouthou street in the late 80’s), to
an architectural order inspired by the Summer of Capital Controls (2015). Sissy is an archaeological
site of words and numbers which even the most devoted scholar could never unpack.

For example, Sissy launched on 12/12, as reference to 12th December of the 12th year of the millennium, when
Angelidakis’ mother committed suicide. Sissy comprises of 12 issues, and plays along with
numerological superstitions claiming that 12/12 is a portal, 12 is the number of cosmic order, 12
Apostles, 12 hours, 12 months. It also costs 12€

Sissy launches exclusively at Hyper Hypo with only 40 copies a week zine, as a reference to an
iconic quote by Alexander Iolas’ crossdressing maid Maria Callas, after she was fired for theft: “I’ll
burn him with 40 tapes!” meaning that she had been recording him all along.

Author: Andreas Angelidakis
Pages: 35
Material: softcover
Dimensions: 13.2 × 21 cm