Poems for Him
Poems for Him
Poems for Him
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Poems for Him


collection of poems by artist Eleni Bagaki first written in 2016.

Typed on her mobile phone in English, in a standard font, they were initially saved as pdf files and then printed individually on A4 sheets. The texts function as haikus, as short phrases of a first-person narrative addressed to a single recipient: “Him.”

This book was created as part of the installation Poems for him presented at the exhibition Something like a poem, a nude, and flowers in a vase (2023), curated by Tina Pandi at EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens).

Author: Eleni Bagaki
Publisher: EMST/Eleni Koronaiou Gallery
Pages: 40
Material: softcover
Dimensions: 21.2 × 29.7 cm