Luncheon #16  A/W 2023
Luncheon #16  A/W 2023
Luncheon #16  A/W 2023
Luncheon #16  A/W 2023
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Luncheon #16 A/W 2023


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-A Photographic Story, Stephen Joyce and Adam Ianniello in conversation with Reginald Moore
-My Inspirations by Charlie Porter
-Staff Lunches by Thomas Alsop, photographs by Romain Guittet
-Gambiarra, photographs by Paul Kooiker, styling by George Krakowiak
-A Play for Today, photographs, direction and styling by Rachel Fleminger Hudson with Prada
-Sistren, photographs by Trinity Ellis, styling by Ola-Oluwa Ebiti
-Untitled, photographs by Daniel Archer, styling by Jessica Willis
-Children of Lughnasadh, photographs by Tom Johnson, styling by Robbie Spencer
-Precious Gem, photographs by Anthony Seklaoui, styling by Ally Macrae
-Cakes by Sophia Agnella Anita Stolz, photographs by Daniel Archer

About Luncheon:

LUNCHEON is an independent cultural magazine mixing art, fashion and food. Free spirited in its content this biannual magazine offers readers a generous feast for the eyes and the mind. The essence of conversations over lunch is at its core and each issue is constructed as if a menu. Over the lunch table, the magazine brings together different generations who share opinions, stories and memories, offering us an insight into their unique cultural contributions.

Publisher: Luncheon Magazine
Pages: 372
Material: softcover
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Dimensions: 24 × 34 cm