Frieze #244

Frieze #244


In the summer issue of frieze, writer Dan Fox profiles Primary Information, a New York-based publisher of artists’ books and writing. Plus, a dossier highlighting four emerging galleries to watch in Tokyo, Japan.

Profile: Dan Fox on Primary Information

‘As younger creative people, as artists, we wanted to have access to this material.’ Dan Fox delves into the history and development of a storied artists’ book publisher that brought 1970s conceptual art into the hands of a new generation.

Dossier: 4 Galleries to Watch in Tokyo

‘Exhibitions don’t always have to be so exclusive, I want everyone to see [them].’ A roundtable by Andrew Maerkle, Azby Brown, Andrew Durbin and Taro Nettleton examines whether the new generation of galleries, non-profits and artist-run spaces in Tokyo can embrace the city’s famous pop sensibility – and change one of Asia’s oldest contemporary art scenes.

Publisher: Frieze
Pages: 168
Material: softcover
ISBN: 029074922308
Dimensions: 23 × 30 cm