What the Final Fuck!
What the Final Fuck!
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What the Final Fuck!


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Between a cabinet of personal curiosity and documentary corpus, this collection of images gleaned from the Web offers a contemporary vision of amateur photography. It questions the place, function, and sharing of vernacular images, but also the new social relationships this phenomenon illustrates. On the social networks and websites where these images are found, the content is often accompanied by the acronym “WTF”, signifying the bewilderment it causes – a modern expression of the incomprehension and discomfort of the “voyeur” who looks at these images. In our mad rush to share extraordinary content for an anesthetized public, we accelerate the dilution of meaning.

Author: Jean-Marie Donat
Publisher: Le Monte-en-l’air
Pages: 400
Material: softcover
ISBN: 9791092775624
Dimensions: 10 × 14 cm