NOMAS Provence
NOMAS Provence
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NOMAS Provence


The land of art, wine, and gastronomy. Μelancholy and sunshine.Nomas 18 journeys back to France, to witness the allure of its Mediterranean parts. To discover Provence in theSouth. First stop, the house of Albert Camus in the village of Lourmarin. His daughter Catherine shows usaround their home, the desk on which her father wrote. She describes the reality of growing up with him.From there, vineyards expand towards the four horizons. Cypress trees point their branches up to the glaringsky. This is Paul Cezanne’s surplus of inspiration. The charm with which he meticulously painted in his atelierin Aix. This issue’s unique fashion editorial has something of Cezanne’s enhanced stillness. A tribute to hiswork by five artists and three photographers.Provence is always one surprise ahead. Chateau d’Arnajon is one of those. Its iron gates push back and allowus to play with the 17th century. A few kilometers down the road is Chateau La Coste, where contemporaryartists conduct their own type of play amidst growing vine fields. Photographs are taken in the vividness ofArles. Yvon Lambert’s ollection, renowned choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, artworks rom the CarmignacFoundation, and that unforgettable restaurant in Cucuron, called La Petite Maison, help us in understandingwhy Provence has turned so many artistic gazes towards itself.From village to town to fields, and from fields to villages and towns, Provence unfolds in a pattern wherenothing feels too distant. A wish can be fulfilled within the radius of a bicycle ride.
So, join us on this paper journey around this unique and beautiful land.

Publisher: NOMAS
Pages: 160
Material: softcover
ISBN: 9772241796059
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Dimensions: 23.8 × 33 cm