Fantastic Man #37 – A/W 23

Fantastic Man #37 – A/W 23


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Fantastic Man Magazine is a biannual men’s fashion publication from Amsterdam that has over the decade become one of the most recognisable and highly regarded men’s magazines.

Like its sister publication The Gentlewoman (which appeared four years later in 2009) it’s an interview-led magazine concerned with quality journalism and a focus on personalities and intellectuals at the achieving end of the spectrum rather than providing celebrity puff. The magazine was redesigned from issue 31 onwards and is now published in a square, LP-sized format.
The sublime new issue of FANTASTIC MAN is out now, in new dimensions (230x288mm), newly designed, feeling all new and fresh, full of the newest clothes and information. On the cover and inside, a heroic GIORGIO ARMANI, exclusively shot for the issue, and part of a great gathering of subjects – serpentwithfeet, Dali Benssalah, Maximilian Davis, Jordan Firstman…

Publisher: Fantastic Man Publications
Pages: 280
Material: softcover
ISBN: 9771571897047
Dimensions: 23 × 28 cm