Family Style #1 No Place Like Home
Family Style #1 No Place Like Home
Family Style #1 No Place Like Home
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Family Style #1 No Place Like Home


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Family Style is a fantasy dinner party in the form of a quarterly arts & culture journal.

Iconic actor Chloe Sevigny reconvenes with art-house legend Gus Van Sant, whose friendship has bookended her paradigmatic body of work, for Family Style No. 1.

Food scientist David Zilber is having the best time in his own Copenhagen kitchen, where he believes our culinary future will be far different from what we’ve come to know.

Anohni, Liz Johnson Artur, Lynda Benglis, Tim Blanks, Aweng Choul, Ajok Daing, Maty Fall Diba, Lauren Santo Domingo, Alain Ducasse, Bridget Foley, the Noguchi Foundation, Gregory Gourdet, Adrian Gout, Daniel Humm, Michael Imperioli, Jade Guanaro Kuriki-Olivo, Michele Lamy, Kyle Manning, Marilyn Minter, Martin Parr, Thurstan Redding, Mark Ronson, Gus Van Sant, Venetia Scott, Chloe Sevigny, Sung Tieu, Ben Toms, Stefano Tonchi, Nil Yalter, David Zilber, and more.

Founded in New York and edited around the world by alumni from the United Nations, Vogue magazine, and The New York Times, Family Style focuses on creativity, community, and cuisine through print editorial, digital content, and immersive experiential affairs.

Publisher: Magazine Cafe
Pages: 162
Material: softcover
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Dimensions: 23 × 30 cm