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Reading & performance: QUEERS READ OUT LOUD

Hyper Hypo is very PROUD to invite you to: QUEERS READ OUT LOUD. A collective reading, singing and poetry night, curated and hosted by Vassilia Kaga.

Can queers actually read? And if they do, what’s their voice? Can a queer rant be revolutionary? Queers reading out loud for the revolution that’s not yet here. Can a rant be a riot?

Queers are reading out loud, rants from the past, the present and future. Queers of the present reading to each other written wor(λ)ds. Is reading to someone a form of care? Yes.

Texts from David Wojnarowicz, Yiannis Tsarouchis, #gaygreece mIRC, Travis Alabanza, Sarah Kane, Larry Mitchell, Jenny Hiloudaki, the Escalera Caracola squad and more. Readers: Andreas Angelidakis, Artemisia Reppa + Alki Papastathopoulos, Vasilis Vilaras, Charis Vlachos, Chris Echo, Yagoulis, Eva, Iacovos + Lemonia, Mochi, Pitt@, Prokne, Spyros and more. Sound design by Loo.