Self Service  #60
Self Service  #60
Self Service  #60
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Self Service #60


This beautiful, weighty, hardback magazine is for seriously hardcore fashion devotees. A severely artistic look at what cutting edge fashion has to offer, complete with interviews with designers, stylists and artists. There are numerous photo shoots dedicated entirely to complete collections of the greatest names in fashion; Prada, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga to name just a few. Readers can literally turn the pages through designer collections, the latest trends and in depth discussions of the fashion world, punctuated with some stunning examples of make up and hair styling, captured in a range of artistic photographic style. Self Service channels the feel of a look book but still maintains that glamour of a magazine.

Publisher: Self Service Magazine
Pages: 500
Material: hardcover
ISBN: 725274574346
Categories: ,
Dimensions: 23 × 30 cm