AnOther Magazine #46
AnOther Magazine #46
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AnOther Magazine #46


AnOther Magazine Spring/Summer 2024, featuring Julianne Moore, Paul Mescal, Kim Gordon, Steven Yeun, Sophie Wilde, Miuccia Prada, Raf Simons, and Anna Cleveland.


This issue is dedicated to the actors, artists, auteurs, musicians and designers who dare to reveal, be it their work or their truth – each inspiring new connections and fresh beginnings.


AnOther Magazine’s launch in 2001 heralded a new chapter in magazine publishing. Its blend of high fashion and world-class photography with features on the arts, politics and literature continues to make each beautifully crafted edition a collectors’ item.

Publisher: Another Magazine
Pages: 495
Material: softcover
ISBN: 9771355590034
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Dimensions: 23 × 30 cm